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Authentic Hair Transplant & Aesthetic centre welcomes you to the "Oxford of East"- Pune. Pune is the Cultural Capital of Marathi People.

Pune is located in Sahayadri Hills. It is one of the biggest Industrial Town and IT-Hub of India. It is also famous for Institutes like FTII, Pune University, NDA, AFMC.

Authentic Hair Transplant & Aesthetic centre is a complete Plastic, Cosmetic, Laser and Hair Transplant Surgery centre at Pune. Our team of Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists work hard to provide the Ethical and State of The Art services in this field. Authentic Hair Transplant & Aesthetic centre is located at Flat No. 3, "Shree ram Palace" Near Orchid School, opp. State Bank of Mysore, Baner Road, Baner, Pune.The centre has been developed with a view to create awareness about the availability of latest cosmetic surgery procedures. The centre is managed by experienced nursing staff with special dedication in providing homely and comfortable personalized care to the patients in the heart of Pune City.

We offer a combination of traditional and modern cosmetic and hair transplant services. Our Clinic offers you a friendly and supportive environment and we are pleased to assist you with your treatment using the most innovative technologies that are prevalent in today’s medical word. We value your decision for privacy and discretion so we proceed only after carefully assessing your cosmetic requirement and making an informed decision to you about it.

Hair Transplant in Pune

Hair Transplant in pune

One more Feather in the Cap for city's First International Hair Transplant Surgeon.

Dr.Satya Kumar Saraswat who is acclaimed for his sophisticated hair transplant techniques has recently been conferred with Diplomate of ABHRS (American Board of Hair Restoration Surgeries).An accreditation which only two plastic surgeons in the country could achieve so far, speaks for itself.

Gold medalist cosmetic surgeon Dr.Satya is already a member and Diplomate of ISHRS(International Society for Hair Restoration Surgeries) and licensed by Dubai Health Authority and is associated with Cosmocare Medical Centre, Satwa, Dubai.

Often invited for Hair Transplantation surgeries worldwide,Dr.Satya is associated with Pune's Baner based Authentic Hair Transplantation and Aesthetic center.

While hair transplant has become a very common and "safe procedure" predictable outcomes are possible only in the hands of "qualified and right speciality" surgeons.

There is mushrooming of many centres offering hair transplant surgery. Please keep it in Mind ,that it is a surgery and should be opted only under care of qualified and trained surgeons. It is advisable to check for the qualification and degree of the surgeon operating upon you. It is very important to meet the person who is going to operate you before surgery and get consultation directly from surgeon rather than any non medical person, as in many centres patients get counselled by marketing people and you meet the person operating upon you directly in the operation theatre. Do your research, personally visit two centres. Understand their way for doing procedure and results. Opt for the centre where you develop trust and found that surgery will be performd under a qualified surgeon. Right speciality to perform this surgery is MCh Plastic surgery. Dermatologists can also perform this surgery if they are specifically trained to do so.

Your hair line design is very important, it should be desiged considering your facial height and width, shape of your scalp, and tendency for further hair loss.

Authentic Hair transplant and Aesthetics Center is city's only centre known for its internationally renowned Surgeons and ethical practices.

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